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I just love it!

February 6, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

New media that is. Or social media, the information super highway or whatever you want to call it. Fibre-optics by another name would transmit as much. Young people of today just won’t understand the miracle of it all. Being an information junky back in the 1980’s was hell. You had to rely on whatever some pompous writer or TV company deemed acceptable to tell you. There were no forums, there were no blogs, no wikis. Like some undiscovered bedouin tribe we lived in the desert without knowing anything different. For goodness sake, we had just three TV stations in the UK! Then the waters came. Not from the few stingy media gods, but channelled to us by people like us. Now we live with an abundance of information, a land flowing with megabytes and terabytes. If nothing else the plethora of information let’s us see the World in all it’s confusing glory. No longer do we have an excuse to simplify the World’s problems down to the level of our own prejudices.

And not only can all this information flood in, it can flood out as well. Whatever creativity we may have had needed to pass the scrutiny of editors and other naysayers. Before our work could even be available to receive public scrutiny it had to run the gauntlet of these people’s preoccupations, prejudices, corruptions or hang-ups. Nowadays we can post it, Tweet it, Press it or Blog it. However we choose to vent our creativity, ‘it’ can be out there instantly and with no interference, where it will live or die solely on it’s own merits.

So here is to Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, Blogger et al! Here is to Flickr, here is to Youtube. Here is for being allowed to judge for myself between trash and genius, and which information is right and which is wrong.

And here is to being able to publish, just by going… click.

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